Connect to Nebula Core's FTP service to access and upload files to your personal secure directory, as well as the shared storage directory.

NextCloud provides an interface similar to Google Drive or Dropbox, and allows you to view and manage your files conveniently in a web browser. NextCloud is also available with a native app for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Add and manage Torrents online with Transmission's convenient web interface. Once your file is downloaded, you can access it with the File Browser, move it, or delete it by logging in with FTP or NextCloud.

With Plex you can stream media directly from Nebula Core to your web browser, mobile device, or media player. Get the Plex app from your favorite app store, and access all of Nebula Core's shared media with a convenient, easy to use interface. The server can even transcode most media in real time, if your bandwidth is limited. You can contribute to Nebula Core's shared media by placing your files into the appropriate folders withing the shared storage Media directory.

Ubiquti's Unifi system allows for remote administration of Nebula Core's network, ensuring greater stability and up time.

mFi from Ubiquiti provides remote control of the power supply for Nebula Core's network infrastructure, allowing remote shutdown or power cycling in case of technical difficulties.

Nebula Core is equipped with a battery backup unit that will provide 10 minutes of power to all of the critical network infrastructure in a power loss scenario. This ensures the equipment can shutdown safely, reducing the likelihood of data loss.

Perforce is a version tracking system used by some Nebula Core users for development projects.

Microsoft Active Directory provides authentication services for Nebula Core and stores user account data.

When connected directly to Nebula Core via the available VPN service, you can access file sharing via SMB, connected to user VMs, and access other network services.

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