2010-06-18: Hold on there Apple, trying to give me a heart attack?

So of favorite Californian computer company has released an update to its awkwardly priced Mac Mini and, while being a decent hardware upgrade, it's nothing especially spectacular. Being slightly smaller, adorned in Apple's now iconic unibody aluminum exterior, and packing the same power as the current generation Macbook 13 inch, it would make a perfect home theatre pc if it only had an...wait what's this? An HDMI port? Jesus christ, it's about time. After HDMI having been an accepted standard for at least five years now, Apple's lack of acknowledgement to this has been a tad annoying to anyone with a passion for technology, such as myself, but this...one could only hope this is a sign that HDMI will be included on future Macintosh models. Macbooks maybe? The...iPad? Nah, that's too much to ask for.
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