Finally back online after the move! Now with improved speeds (and more)!

2019-02-12 by vertigo

I've moved again. Finally, this time, to an area where gigabit internet service is offered... sort of. Unfortunately, while my download speed is now theoretically one gigabit (actual performance varies), the fastest upload available from Comcast is 40 megabit. Actual measurements show it closer to 50, but regardless, this is hardly blazing. Still, at over 20mbps faster than my previous service, this should amount to a sizable difference for some services, particularly Plex. Technically 2gbps symmetrical is an option here as well, though unless you guys want to start pitching in on operating fees, at $299 per month is not particularly reasonable for me at the moment. I think I've got everything up and running, but as always, let me know if there's something I missed.

In other news, last month I deployed a webapp to allow for password recovery of your Nebula Core services password. This still doesn't sync with, since this doesn't leverage Active Directory for authentication (still...), but it's a step in the right direction. You can access it by hovering over the Login button in the upper right corner of the site and selectiong "Forgot your password". This currently affects NextCloud, FTP, and local services primarily, though once I fix the VPN, it should work for that as well. Most importantly, you can now fix your account yourself without having to wait for me to do it! Isn't that great?

Lastly, Minecraft is back, for about the twentieth time. Now, it's running the relatively newly released Bedrock server, meaning it's compatible with most "Modern" (read: non-Java) versions of the game. This includes the Windows Store app, as well as mobile and (some) console versions. Performance and stability seem great so far, though this implementation currently precludes the ability to use server management tools and mods. As of now, I don't plan on bringing back the Java server, at least not with mods, though I do still have all that data.
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