2011-05-23: Important information about Catserver/Nebula Nine, and Minecraft.

I've made the decision to separate my personal endeavors from my Catserver services, so that I can begin to use Nebula Nine (now renamed "Nebula Foundry") to promote my photography and design work. Catserver.net will be a separate site dedicated to the services Catserver offers like website hosting, data storage, user accounts, and game servers like Minecraft. And speaking of Minecraft...as a few of you have noticed (and have subsequently bothered me about), the Minecraft server has been down for a few days, as a result of an extremely unusual problem that prevents anyone from connecting to the server, but does not prevent the server from running. A friend and I have managed to track the problem down to an incompatibility with Atheros networking adapters, and although this is more or less confirmed, we have yet to find a solution. Obviously purchasing another adapter would solve this problem, but that is definitely not a preferred option. I'll update you all if the situation changes.
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