Ghosts of Catserver's past

Catserver 1 - This is it. This is where it all started. Essentially, this is this Mac OS link sample page modified. I really didn't know what I was doing.

Catserver 2.5 - One of the longest lived Catserver editions, this marked the first version created entirely by me, by hand. Can't you tell by how awesome it is?

Catserver 3.0 - It's green and black and...all technical and stuff.

Catserver 4.2 File Server Edition - My first exploration into graphics software. Everything you see here was created with Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004, and Dreamweaver MX 2004. Technically, the File Server Edition of the site was a modified version of the original designed for use on a friend's server. While the original Catserver 4 was lost to time, this one is nearly identical.

Catserver 5.5 CSS - Another long lived Catserver edition, 5 was the first major step to the site's gaming focus. It featured mods, patches, and tweak guides for major titles, as well as screen caps and video from my old LAN party adventures. And a marquee, sweet.

Catserver 6.0 - Ahh yes. This Windows Vista influence flows strongly in this one. Check out all that dynamic content on the sidebar there, though, pretty sweet.

Catserver 7.0 Original - At first, I was super proud of this design. All that new fangled PHP, the unified layout, no more frames. After receiving some harsh criticism, however, I went back to the drawing board. In retrospect, it was the right choice.

Catserver 7.5 Armor - Seven represented a massive step forward in design for me. The layout was full width, with gutters to make appear center aligned. It adapted well to a multitude of resolutions, was compatible with most browsers, and even used SQL to store update data. Woot! Plus, it had a comment system, was fully theme-able (still somewhat operational under "Settings") and had its very own comment series. What more could you ask for? Catserver 7 was also the only version to date that was not self hosted.

Catserver 8: Nebula Nine - Named for my new Google Voice number, Nebula Nine is a complete, nearly from scratch overhaul of Catserver 7.5. It included much of the same functionality but placed it into a much cleaner, more "modern" and streamlined frame. It was a break from what had become traditional catserver design, instead opting for a new-style navigation system animated with jQuery. It also removed all of Catserver's "famed" content, leaving it with just it's blog, media, and various tools. Nebula Nine (seen here in it's modified Nebula Foundry attire) was also the first to include a real login system, as well as user accounts/profiles.

Other - Catserver's unfortunately short lived comic sister-site, Monocled saw relatively decent success during its years. Once home to well over 100 comics (including some by myself), the site now awaits its rebirth. Coming soon?

Oregon Rustic Woods - The first site I made for someone other than myself (my parents, actually). It never amounted to much, but I used to think it was pretty sweet. Now, well...I choose to try and forget it existed.

Phoenix Server 2007 - Designed to be its revival site in 2007, this Phoenix Server edition never really saw the light of day. That is, until recently. Rise from the ashes!

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