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Nebula Core is a privately owned an operated "cloud services" provider built and maintained by Victor Rossi, a hobbyist designer, photographer, and tech enthusiast. Nebula Core is the central component in a growing network of machines and services, and aims to reduce Nebula users' reliance on major cloud platform providers like Google or Amazon.

If you've got a Nebula account (formerly Catserver account), log in with your credentials in the upper right. Having an account allows you to access the full array of features and services offered by Nebula Core, and allows you to provide some feedback, if you see fit. It's pretty neato.

If you need an account, send me an email and I'll set you up. Due to limited resources, accounts are only provided to friends and family at this time.

2012-02-19: Goodbye Minecraft?

Unfortunately, maintaining and administrating the Minecraft server has become something I find difficult to remain interested in, especially since no one appears to actually use it (regularly) anymore, including myself. I'd be willing to transfer full administrative control to someone else, if they intended on maintaining and promoting it, but outside of that possibility I think it's time I give up the project. So with that said, if anyone can think of a game server of some type I could host that might draw a little more interest from our little "community", I'm completely open to suggestions. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or message me directly via email. If you wish to take over control of the server do the same and we'll discuss details. Thanks for your input, guys!

EDIT! I updated the server, bukkit, MCMyAdmin, and WoldEdit versions to latest. Need testers.
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vertigo - Portland, Oregon

this is a test comment lol

Postd at 7:42am on Friday, July 1st, 2011

2011-11-07: Wow, it's early.

So I've spent the last, say, eight hours cleaning up Catserver's code, doing a little optimizing here and there, and basically just herping around. So what does this mean to you? Well, not all that much. Yes, I know the Minecraft server isn't working properly, but there's only one real player so I can't say the priority on that is huge. Basically, if you spend any time poking around the site, you might notice I changed your account page, which (while definitely being a work in progress) will allow you to edit/customize your profile and site preferences in a more simple and user friendly manner. Also, animations and stuff. Last but not least, I also fixed the notifications system, which you may run into occasionally, and I sped up how comments are posted/processed slightly. Have fun, I'm going to bed.
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Rakosman - Portland, OR

You could start hosting dedicated servers on it. Even though most games are gay and don't have DSs anymore

Postd at 2:27pm on Sunday, May 15th, 2011

vertigo - Portland, Oregon

what servers would i host? not really sure what we'd play enough to justify hosting lol

Postd at 1:12pm on Monday, May 16th, 2011

Rakosman - Portland, OR

Well, any multiplayer game we are going to play at a LAN that has one. You know... like none of them.

Postd at 5:54am on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

2011-10-25: Updating for a few reasons...

First, I believe the search is done indexing. You should be able to search/download any data stored on Public Storage. However, it appears certain file extensions fail to link up properly, so not everything works just yet. From what I've seen, it's mostly video files like .avi and .mpg. That may prove difficult to figure out. Next, I've added (or started to add, it's only active a few places) a new notifications system, which is basically a clean and pretty way for the site to tell you you've failed in some way. How fun! And lastly, I just want to make sure this still works. I'm having mixed results from pages using similar code. So here goes nothin'.
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Rakosman - Portland, OR

Lorum Ipsum Delorian

Postd at 7:00am on Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

ubersmok - Teh Internetz

It's bigger on the inside

Postd at 7:00am on Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Rakosman - Portland, OR

But she did not believe you.

Postd at 8:30pm on Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

2011-10-21: I decided to grace you guys with the new user toolbar...

...finally! I know it probably has some problems still, but it does add some cool functionality. And, personally, I think it's kinda pretty. Log in to check it out. Oh, and also, don't ignore that search bar. It's still indexing at the moment, but feel free to give it a shot.
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vertigo - Location not available

GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! I seem to have fixed the comment system! Now to make it look prettier...

Postd at 1:57am on Monday, May 9th, 2011

Rakosman - Location not available

Good, you fixed the Cancel button.

Postd at 2:35am on Monday, May 9th, 2011

vertigo - Location not available

it was like that so i could debug. it was displaying the page it was attempting to apply the comment to

Postd at 2:41am on Monday, May 9th, 2011

2011-08-28: See all things! Also, live celebrity D&D equals awesome.

Believe it or not, it's actually rather difficult to take flash-less photos in an environment optimized for video game viewing. Regardless, many noteworthy things have been seen (Borderlands 2? Yes! Gears of War 3? YES! ), including the unexpected (Prey 2? Hell yes!).

I'm working on adding some sort of gallery to contain the highlights of the photo's I've taken over the last few days, but since Catserver's still very much a work in progress, as it has been for like ever, I currently have no operational system I can incorporate without a great deal of work.

SO, anyways, back to PAX. As I mentioned before, one of the games that was being shown (only in a live demo, nothing playable by attendees), was Prey 2. As I'm sure none of you know, I was quite a fan of the original Prey, and the appearanc
... [Read more]
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