NebulaCore is a self-hosted blog, media, and game server operated by Victor Rossi, a hobbyist photographer, designer, and writer (that's me!). Living for most its 17+ year history on a home brew server, NebulaCore has always been more of a passion project than a purpose-driven endeavor. The site has transitioned from a personal blog to a file server, a game server, a portfolio, a utility, and now lies somewhere in between.

Currently, most of the sites content requires an account to access. I generally don't hand out access to people I'm not personally acquainted with, but if you'd like to inquire there are several easy methods of contact listed on this page. Thanks for visiting, check back often!


NebulaCore (previously called Catserver) was first created in 2003 as a file server, sharing content between computers on my brand-new home network. Shortly after it's initial inception I began experimenting with web design, which consisted mostly of modifying the example pages included with Mac OS 9s built in webserver. By 2004 I'd hobbled together Catserver 2, making way for a multitude of new "features" with skills I'd learned from a high school web design class. Not stopping there, I continued to experiment and the site rolled through revision after revision (staying miles away from completion all the while). It eventually became a persistent hobby.

Though it serves no concrete purpose, NebulaCore will live indefinitely as my web design playground. Having little traffic or critical user base, I've been able to work with it endlessly, adding and removing features, pages, and content. Where it once was touted as a web resource (for hard to find files, supposedly), the site's really become more of a blog - about itself. As I update it and add features, I quite often detail this changes on the home page, encouraging users to provide feedback via comments. However, this does not mean it serves no purpose at all. NebulaCore hosts a number of services, from file storage and backup to game servers and media. Behind the scenes something's always going on, even when I forget to post updates for a month...or year.

Fun Stuff

Archive - Oh what a little noob I once was. View every Catserver blog post ("update") from the site's inception 'till the last major revision. Just, try not to laugh. Okay?

All the Old Stuff - Interested a little more in Catserver's history? View what remains of each major site revision dating back to 2003. Just don't expect complete functionality, time and lossy transfers have taken their toll.




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