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Almost the whole collection! Only a few are missing from the end of Catserver Seven's lifespan. There's a lot to read here, and a lot of...old. Enjoy yourself :)

3-10-08 - Hey look, a comic series!

Catserver now has its very own comic series! Kyle, from, currently has three of the series "Once Upon a Couch" Available, you can check them out here or by selecting images, then comics on the navy bar. The comic navigation feature is not quite complete yet, but it should do for basic comic viewing at this point. Also, I'm planning some major changes to the site's homepage and, although I haven't quite worked out the details, my aim is to make the site appear more user friendly and inviting to new viewers, not just a large block of text and images as it is currently. I have no estimated time frame for this to be completed, but count on it being within the next few months.

2-25-08 - Hey look, a review!

I've completed Sins of a Solar Empire, it's now available in Documents > Reviews. Take a look, leave a comment. Also, if you have any ideas for anything to add to Catserver, leave a comment or send me an e-mail; I want to hear what you all have to say. :)

P.S. I forgot to add, new wallpaper now available for download! Also, Catserver will soon be running it's own comic series, made by one of the artists at The series, entitled Once Upon a Couch, will be live shortly. As soon as he designs the page header for me.

2-12-08 - Themes are fun. So is Sins. So are birthdays.

I'm proud to announce the completion of my "Sins of a Solar Empire" Catserver 7 Armor style, created in the wake of a near solid 40 hour game play streak of that game last weekend. Check it out, you might just like it. Also, I'm planning to write a review for Sins within the next week, if time allows. With my birthday on the 13th and Valentine's day on the 14, the next few days are shaping up to be quite busy.

1-28-08 - Have it your way.

It's your dream come true... maybe. Now you can customize Catserver any way you want! Simply go to the Settings page, scroll down and click the link to the Create your own style page. There you will find all the templates you need to create your own theme, plus a simple set of instructions and guidelines. I recommend you have some type of newer graphics program, such as Photoshop, and basic skills with html/css. I will post new styles as soon as possible after I receive them, and I've already uploaded one user submitted style Beta. Check it out!

1-16-08 - An update in under a month!

Wow, I didn't forget! This is just a small update...I still haven't completed the second game review I promised you, but the Mass Effect one is up if you'd like to take a look (and comment). I've added several NO-CD fixes to the Gaming -> Patches and Mods section, most of which are for games previously not on the list. I also added links to the latest game patches for several games, including older ones. Have a look! Oh, and I alphabetized the page :)

1-10-08 - A very late happy new years.

Again, it's been a long time since the last update. My only excuse this time is laziness, unfortunately. I've made up for my absence by adding two new color themes to the default Catserver 7 style; blue and green. Check them out by clicking settings on the nav, scrolling down and choosing a theme. Aside from that, there is nothing else new at the moment. I'm planning on writing a couple game reviews for the two games I've completed recently, Mass Effect and Time Shift. Chances are good one will be done by tonight, the other in a few days at the most.

12-23-07 - The 'Mass Effect' Effect.

Why the long update gap? Two words: Mass Effect. Pretty much one of the most outstanding games ever. Also one of the longest games I've played to date, having taken up an incredible 40 hours of my life. I would still be playing now, actually, if it wasn't for the unfortunate occurrence of the "Red ring of death", which I should have begun to expect out of a first generation well used 360. Anyway, enough of my current crisis, and back to Catserver. As you have certainly noticed, I've uploaded a Christmas theme. It's not the best, but it certainly serves it's purpose of adding a slightly festive look for the season. I've been contemplating for some time about the addition of a "Funniez" images sub category. Chances are good that it will appear at some point or another, once I find the easiest and most efficient way to display the images, even though I'll probably end up using the same script used in the wallpapers sub category.

11-30-07 - See stars!

Again, I wasn't satisfied with the site layout. I decided to move to a little bit more of a "web 2.0" style by centering the content with fixed width margins (drop shadows and all) and adding a background image behind the text, although it's a bit hard to notice on certain monitors. I also fixed a few glitches with the comment popups, so they no longer require special sizing to work at 1024x768. Plus, the Monocled comic widget has been updated to use php instead of a "get latest comic by date" style javascript. The current code ensures that the comic will, in fact, always be the latest. The comic mouseover text loads in, too. As for content updates, Catserver Member Rakosman has added a how to regarding Microsoft's QoS bandwidth reservation system in professional versions of Windows Vista and Windows XP. A Highly recommended read for those concerned about getting the greatest amount of bandwidth from their network connection.

11-24-07 - Leave an impression.

I just finished one of the most ridiculous projects ever - a comment system. How was this ridiculous, you might ask? Well, it may have to do with the at least 20 hours of solid work I spent solving one strange problem after another. Every time I figured something out, something new surfaced. My current system, based on Page Comments 5.2 by Andy Bowers, allows for a theoretically infinite number of separate comment boxes (or pop ups in my case) per page, which is perfect for implementation into pages such as this one where one is needed for each update. I'm planning on extending this into the rest of the content pages eventually, allowing for item specific comments on file downloads. Communicate with fellow Catserver viewers, leave a comment! :)

11-20-07 - A healthy update.

I just completed my first review for Catserver a few hours ago. Hopefully this review, that of the much talked about Crysis, will be the first of many by not only myself but also other Catserver members. Also, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 was released a few days ago, an I've installed it and done some testing. Although the new features aren't immediately noticeable, it becomes apparent after a limited amount of web browsing that not only is it a little faster than the current Firefox release, but it also displays certain pages slightly different. A good example of this would be the alternate Catserver 7 theme, in which the sidebar is shifted right very much like it is in Internet Explorer 7. Also, it is worth noting that I've fixed a few on site links, which were previously directed to the beta directory, leading to the inability to download certain programs, such as Ultimate Defrag.

11-13-07 - Maximum...Lag...

This is the month of new games, and all avid gamers such as myself have been anticipating these coming weeks for nearly a year now. Among the new releases are Crysis, Call of Duty 4, and Gears of War for Windows, all three of which is have recently obtained and, to be entirely honest they are absolutely incredible. There is but one that disappoints me. Crysis, even for a person with modern dual-core hardware such as myself, is nearly impossible to run at respectable frame rates for me any many others. Even at low settings the frame rates are disappointingly sub-par, not to mention the noticeably crippled graphics. Odd, since my computer seems to have no trouble running beautifully detailed games such as Gears of War at maximum settings, holding a steady 30fps or more. My current hope is that a patch, containing optimizations, will be released shortly. Until then, I recommend anyone with anything short of an 8800 GTS stand clear and avoid hours of fruitless tweaking and overclocking. If you're desperate for a new game, then I with out hesitation recommend Gears of War, as the formerly Xbox 360 turned PC title is among the top 10 best games I've ever played, just behind the Half-life series.

Anyways, enough gaming rant for one day. Those who frequent Catserver my have noticed a few changes as of the past few days: Several files of assorted categories added, links to old versions fixed, and for the first time ever I've added a few things to the documents sub-pages. If you're bored and looking for a slightly educational read, it wouldn't hurt to take a look.


I've still been quite busy with post-release fixes and optimizations, and I've gotten a lot done in the past few days. As of now the default home page is compatible with all current version browsers, the sole exception being Safari which seems to have trouble with repeating table backgrounds, and all resolutions higher than 1024x768, although the site can be squeezed quite uncomfortably into 800x600. I've also added at least 10 new applications and files to various sub sections of the site, with more to come in the next few days. Also, I am working on adding adding some reviews and how to's, but that's still a ways off. Remember, the CSO forum is open for all who would like to comment and give suggestions.


Well, I kept to my word. This is Catserver 7, the not-so-much but kinda-sorta anticipated update to Catserver which, with many other improvements, finally brings a truly compatible site engine. There is still much to be done in terms of adding new content, but for now enjoy the two new wallpapers I've added, and explore the much changed site layout. For those of you using a highly standards compliant browser such as Firefox, Opera, or Safari, you have been automatically directed to the default Catserver 7 layout. For those of you using Internet Explorer 7, you have been directed to the Catserver 6.5 layout, mainly because it's currently the only advanced layout I've managed to get IE to display properly. And last but not least, those of you using IE6 or older, or any mobile browser you have most likely been directed to the Catserver 7 low layout. Feature wise, CSO7 and 6.5 are identical. For the sake of those on mobile devices, many features were removed with the Low layout. If you want to try other layouts, simply click on the settings button (the gear in 7, the arrows in 6.5) and click one of the thumbnails. Currently 6.5 is the only style supporting changeable backgrounds, but this will soon be added to 7 as well. Enjoy the layout, feedback on the forum would be nice :). Good night all, it's 11:57pm.


Its been a long time since the last update, but I haven't been slacking. A large portion of the remaining work has been completed on CSO7, along with some huge engine improvements. Also, Catserver's forum is, finally, live. Post, read, enjoy. Also, don't forget to checkout the other sites in the Catserver community: and


PhoenixNet live webcam feed! Limited time opportunity :D


Nearly a month since the last update, and not much has happened. I've added a few Windows Live Messenger related downloads to the web apps page, and some game demos the the Game downloads and Shareware page. Other than that, very few things have been changed. I'm still working on some huge site improvements, but lack of skill to implement them is proving to be an issue.

8-14-07 is now! Yes, finally, a real domain name. And, better yet, a real host! Now that Catserver is hosted at IX Web Hosting, there will be some dramatic changes (and improvements) to the site overall, made possible mainly by the heightened bandwidth, storage space, and availability to server-side technologies. The next version of Catserver, currently under development, will take full advantage of all these new resources, and will be the most user friendly and compact version yet. In terms of site content, I am currently in the process of uploading everything, currently the files directories. This will take some time due to my limited upload speeds, but it should be done in a few days at the most. Until then enjoy the faster loading speeds, and take a look at some of the new wallpapers I've uploaded.


Okay, so my server basically ...died. Until I get a new one later this month, I've set myself up with this nice free host. As far as HTML goes, Catserver is entirely here. However, content wise, there's basically nothing. Most of the links to remote sites should still work, but all internal links are dead. Seeing as how most of my content would either not fit here or does not meet the TOS, I'll refrain from uploading any files. Except maybe wallpapers. Any ways, this will give me ample time to work on my new beta site, which is coming along nicely and shouldn't take nearly as long as CSO6 to complete. My hopes are that it will be complete by the time that Catserver finds a new, permanent home.


Viewers may have noticed that, over the last few days, Catserver has been inaccessable. This was due to the *total* failure of my web forwarding service Anyways, it's back up now and I've done a few updates. For the first time in a year I've updated the members section. Theres not really and new content yet, but I plan on adding several things in the next few days. I also added new Adobe Design Premium and Command and Conquer 3 cracks, and I plan to add a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. patch and crack in the next few days.


Catserver now has a dedicated Counter-Strike: Source RPG Server! Join up and play Hyphen and me, or just slay high-level bots to get your rank up. Lag is generally minimal, and pings are almost always sub 100, so it's a very playable server. I hope to eventually post its stats on Catserver via SQL, but that will take some time to get worked out. Don't forget to sign up for the Phoenixnet/Catserver forums!

Counter-Stike: Source Server:


The PhoenixNet/Catserver forums are online! Check them out at or by clicking the Forum button above. Make sure to post! Also, I added CSS RPG to the Mods page, I recommend you try it; its not a bad mod.


Starcraft II! Yes, it's official; a sequel to one of the greatest RTS games of all time. So far it looks excellent, adding new units and high quality graphics while still maintaining the classic Starcraft look. (For more info, go to This is yet another game added to my "can't wait for it to be released" list. The excitement of SCII is quite a contrast to Halo 2 for Windows Vista, however, which was released a few days ago. So far what I've heard isn't too impressive. Apparently the game still suffers the poorly optimized engine issues that Halo 1 PC had. This means, in basic terms, lag. Not only that, but there is no widescreen support, and very limited graphics options. Microsoft falls short again. As for Catserver developments, I added some new wallpapers and I've reinitiated work on CSO6.5. There is but one problem remaining with it: The dang sidebar. Hopefully this can be remedied without a total base code overhaul, but that waits to be seen. I'll keep you posted on any developments.



First update in Windows Vista! So far so good, the only problem is lack of support for my graphics card. This is rather annoying, since it is a new graphics card and one would think nVidia would supply drivers for it. Anyway, enough about that. As for updates, I added an updated crack to Command and Conquer 3, F.E.A.R., and Halo PC to the game patches and mods page. I haven't found anything new in terms of apps, and yes I am fully aware of the fact that the Performance Software page link is inactive. Chances are I'll remove this page, possibly replacing it with a reviews or tips section.


It's been a long time since the last update again. I've been so incredibly caught up in Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that I haven't had much time to do anything else, especially with Catserver. Nor with Phoenix Server actually, as it's still not online even though it has been complete for months. So any ways, I'll run though the site and add a few things here and there, check links, etcetera. The last PXN vid hasn't been released yet unfortunately, but it probably won't be much longer. Hopefully by next LAN I'll have my new laptop for it in the next vid.


Already April! The year seems to be flying by....Anyways, after I upgraded my internet about a month ago a failed to notice the numerous dead links created by my IP address switch. I have repaired all these, and I also added files for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Command and Conquer 3 to the gaming patches and mods page, and Ultimate Defrag to the Useful apps page.

PhoenixNet Update: The March 29th - April 1st Major Lan session was a great success. We got in much more gaming then and previous event, and this was the first party to include new PhoenixNet member OnlyWolf. Expect to see footage and images soon.

Beta Update: Phoenix Server 2007 is complete in term of design, but the site still isn't live. Hopefully we will get this handled in the next few weeks.


Good news all! PhoenixNet has risen from the dead. Better yet, we have new vids! Check them out in the Mediacenter. I'm adding some new wallpapers, also. I'm trying out some REAL 3D rendering, so far just in AutoCAD, and its turning out well. Let me know what you think.

Beta Update: I haven't worked on CSO 6.5 much since the last update to be honest. However I did fix the the switching problem. Now its the Sidebar that wont stay. Also, I have begun and nearly finished designing Phoenix Server 2007, and It should be up by spring break. And no, it doesn't look Identical to CSO.


Just a small update today, but I think you all are going to like this one. A friend of mine recently told me of a Windows XP theme he found, called Royal Noir, that was taken out of Windows XP Media Center before it was released. It turns out this theme, available on the Customization page, is just about the best looking windows theme you can get without 3rd party software. Plus as a bonus, it comes with the regular, and also very nice, Royale (Energy Blue) theme.

Beta Update: Okay, so I've hit a wall in CSO 6.5 Beta design. I got the Sidebar in, but getting it to work properly is another issue all together. The current method, used on this site, isn't compatible with my theme switch and causes the theme to revert to default when the SideBar is closed. Annoying. Anyway's, I'll keep you updated.


I'm going to add some new stuff today, I promise! But before I get into that, I'll give you a little update on Catserver 6.5. So far so good. Everything on the site as far as the core is concerned is nearly complete. I think the style is fine too, although some people disagree with a bottom-attached background image. There are really only 2 major issues with it at the moment: I have no idea how to implement the side bar, and I cannot figure out php ftp login. Php is all new to me, but so far it's working out well otherwise. On the subject of updates, I realized I completely forgot to add the Mac stuff when I moved to this site version. Expect to see it return shortly, along with new stuff also. Maybe even some Beta pictures.


Okay, so now that everyone has gotten a hang of Catserver 6.0, I decided I'm going to change it. As you may have noticed, I still use frames instead of taking the necessary effort to learn php. Well, I basically just got finished configuring php on my server (finally). So you know what that means: Time to learn php and re-release Catserver 6.0! This won't happen immediately, but I suspect in a few months I will either be close to finishing it or have atleast uploaded screen shots to the Betas page. Anyway's, those who are running Internet Explorer will be happy to hear this, mainly because this will fix many of the display issues that makes Catserver incompatible with that horrible yet widely used browser. This is a step I should have taken prior to the release of Catserver 5, so it's long overdue for me. Night all, expect to see some more changes soon.


Welcome to Catserver 6.0! Okay, some basic things about the new site. To your right is the Sidebar. This contains common tasks and options, along with a new version of Catserver's ticker. It can be closed by clicking the <<Sidebar>> button on the bottom of it, and opened by clicking the << button on the link toolbar above. Closing the Sidebar allows for more page viewing space, especially if you don't have the window maximized. On the Sidebar, you will notice several options, most of which are self explanatory. The Display Settings option allows you to configure the site's layout if the default one is not optimal. This is good if you have a low speed connection, or if your screen resolution is not one handled by Catserver's Auto Detect system. Enjoy the new site, send me an email at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.


Salute the American Flag today as you head over to the member's area and check out the latest Catsever 6 updates. I have completed, since last time, the files page index and almost the gaming page index. These are pages that have links to individual sub pages (every link is an animated image) that allows users the simply click the game or sub category they want without having to scroll through a gigantic page. I also cleaned up the 1024 resolution page a lot. It looks nearly as perfect as the original 1280 pixel page, aside from a slight graphic glich I have pretty much decided to complete the 1024 pixel layout first, since most people still use that screen resolution. The 1280 pixel one will come later, since a lot of pages will have to be redesigned to look good at a higher res if designed for a lower one. Anyway, that's my update for this day of remembrance. E-mail me if your not a member and still want a preview!



Media Updates! Check out the Media Center for updates to a few of the PhoenixNet LAN videos.


As some of you may know (and many of you do not) a new Descent-like game is in development by High Octane Software ( A few days ago the first real screenshots of the new 6DOF FPS, Core Decision, were released. The graphics aren't the most impressive I've seen, but the amount and quality of bump mapping and specular lighting is definitely up-to-date with most other games. Go to the images page to check it out. Also, Catserver is moving addresses! Now you can access this site at


Now that everything is back to normal at Catserver Networks, I have begun a major update project. Every content page on Catsever and a few on the Mediacenter will be updated. I have been developing more graphics for CSO 6, but I'm kinda at a stand still when it comes to sub page design. I'm not sure how I want them to be layed out. Send me a e-mail or I.M. if you have any ideas.


Good news: My computer now boots, so I have been able to recover the files that I need to continue work on CSO. Better News: My old mac (the old Catserver) has came back from the dead to help me in this time of computer need! Until I manage to get my good comp back in stable condition, this computer, although very slow, will work for maintaining Catserver. So any ways, be sure to check the files page over the next few days. I'm planning on uploading some more Mac files, since I've found a few in the last few days I've been using this comp.


My main computer is still inoperative. I've tried testing it will all the parts I have available to me, but I still can't seem to diagnose the problem. Anyway, Darkwolf and I have been on a Photoshop rampage for the last few weeks. Together we have made 7 new Catserver and CSN wallpapers, which I will attempt to add to the Images page today. Using only notepad, this may prove to be a difficult task.


The preview version of the Summer Session 1 video has been released! Unfortunately, I cannot currently add it to Catserver due to the failure of my main computer. You can, however, download the video from Phoenix Server or PXNLAN's new myspace page at I hope to get my admin comp working again soon so I can resume work on CSO6, and other Catserver projects. Don't expect to see any added files until the next update, at the soonest.


Last LAN party was the best so far. Expect to see the new video soon! For all who participated, once the video is released it will be posted here and Phoenixserver, so downloads will always be available. Want to catch up on what's happened so far at PhoenixNet? Go to the Mediacenter, and click on Videos for a complete list of currently released movies


Again another long update time! Catserver 6.0 development has slowed down considerably, so I am, unfortunately, going to have to push back the release date a month or so. This is mainly because, even though I like the layout, there are a few other possibilities that may end up working better. Who knows. Anyway, I'm adding a few more apps to the Files page and adding the Doom 3 mod "Into Cerberon" to the Games page.


Its been a long time since I updated last, but at least there is a good reason behind it. Shortly after updating on May 7th, I updated my VNC viewer software (remotely, of course). Unfortunately, the update required a cd-key, and until one was entered the program would not activate. The server's onboard video was turned off, so until today when I acquired another video card was I able to fix VNC and access the server. Anyway, during that time I began working on the new CSO design (Catserver 6.0) and I am currently on the BETA 2 stage of development. To view the new design, log into Catserver's member area and click on the CSO BETA link. If you are not currently a member and still want to get a sneak peak, screen shots of the layout are in the Images section. Enjoy!


Wow, over a month of downtime! Hope fully that doesn't happen again. The FTP server is down at the moment unfortunately, but I will try and get that operational as soon as possible. There isn't much to update, but I will probably start work on the new design soon, and hopefully my modem issues have cleared. I am adding Hamachi to the files page, along with other random updates.


New media added to the Mediacenter, and more files for Windows Mobile devices added to the files section. Catserver has been down more and more often, and I'm not sure what to do about my modem issues. One theory I have is that the amount of traffic Catserver is getting may have an effect on the modem crashing. Maybe excessive activity overloads it? Anyway I will do my best to keep Catserver up, but I'm not making any promises. If you have any Ideas that you think may help my connection problems, please E-Mail me!


Sadly, there has been nothing new with Catserver at all recently. I am having more frequent trouble with my modem, thus my IP address is changing more and more often. There isn't much I can do about this, and progress in moving Catserver to a different server has not been made. I need some new content, so if anyone has any ideas please feel free to E-mail or IM me. Also, I am looking for ideas for the new design, which will be developed some time this year.


Sorry for the frequent downtimes. I have been having trouble with my internet connection, which has been causing long periods of no connection, ended by a change in my IP address. This is a very annoying, as it breaks the re-directs and links to the core server, which then need to be changed. I am looking into moving CSO to a hosted server sometime in the near future to prevent occurrences like this. Doing so will most likely mean the end of the members section as we know it, unless I want to keep the old server running. Also, I once again updated the Mediacenter, this time with some quality DNB from Catserver member Shadownet. This is an exclusive pre-release album, be sure to check it out.


Happy Valentines Day! Catserver Mediacenter finally updated! I replaced the Audio and Flash pages, and added two new tracks by me and two new flash animations by Darkwolf, a Catserver member. Also, I added a wallpapers subsection to the Images page, and fixed some FTP login issues, although the system is still messed up. E-Mail me if you need assistance logging in.


Catserver was once again down for a few hours, but only because my IP changed. This is a constant annoyance that I actively need to stay aware of. I'm sorry about any inconvenience caused by this error. Anyway, I have heard of some problems regarding the FTP server. I'm not sure what is causing them yet, but my best guess is that it's client-side. I will attempt to verify this theory as soon as possible so I can get members informed. Minor updates to the site over the last week include partial activation of individual member accounts, new pictures, a search on the links page, and PHP capability (not that i can get it to work right).


Still working on background stuff. Catserver is now accessible through, which I prefer viewers to use because its traffic monitoring actually works. Also, you can log into the FTP directly by going to or This is good if you need to get quick access and don't want to wait for the homepage to load. Keep a lookout for the Dynamic Catserver Console (or DCSC). This is the black page with blue text that appears often when going to this site or when you receive an error message.


More background stuff added. Catserver now detects your screen resolution and redirects you to a page that fits best on your screen. For example, if your screen resolution is set to 1024x768, there is no need to download the extra images to make it look right on a 1280x1024 screen, so you are redirected to a page without them. Also, for the people who access the site at a resolution lower than 1024x768, they receive a message advising them to increase their res before continuing.


Its been a while since the last update, and not much has happened since then. I've added a few new images and some new Pocket PC applications and games, like Pocket DOS and CE Paint. Remember, if you want to become a member E-Mail me. I've got plenty of space left for user accounts.


I've updated Catserver several times between now and the last update, but I'll just recap all of it if you haven't noticed. The FTP server and the Login section have been revised, now you can login to both from the login page. The member section now uses .htaccess to authenticate users, so unauthorized login is nearly impossible. Most registered users previously given access to the member section have been granted new usernames and passwords, but for those who haven't, E-Mail me so I can create you a new account and send your new username/password to you. Also I added 3 new FarCry downloads added to the gaming section, including a FC Beta patch I've never seen before.


Well, its the last day of the old year and I'm going to greet in the new one with some new files. First off I will be adding Trillian, Google Earth, and Microsoft AntiSpyware to the files section and Doom 3 Open Coop to the Gaming page. Feel free to comment on Catserver through E-Mail or Instant Messenger, or by posting on the forums. Have a Happy New Year!


Catserver was down last night, but this time it wasn't a server fault; it was mine. I was operating from a remote location and...locked myself out. Anyway I've been spending a lot of time getting Catserver's Admin features up, I now have remote access and FTP upload capabilities, and eventually when Individual user accounts are created each will have it's own FTP accessible file store folder (that's assuming I can figure out .htaccess). I'll continue working on background stuff for the next few days, but expect to see an update in the near future.


Now Christmas is over, next up is the New Year. Once again just a minor update, I'm still looking for new stuff to add. If you have any ideas, e-mail or IM me. I'm thinking about reorganizing the pages again, including a sub-page for separate games or game types...or something. I'm planning on adding much more files and it won't be long until the pages are too long to navigate easily. I'll just see what happens I guess.


Its working...again. This time it should be stable. This isn't and old system. It isn't low on RAM, nor Is it running an unreliable OS (unless there are Windows Server 2003 is bad too, then I don't know). Anyway, you can click on the about page to see the server specs, and aside from that this isn't a major update, seeing as Christmas is tomorrow.


I've been working on my network for the last few days, it a real pain to get a new router. Anyway, I plan on updating the members section, maybe doing a little on the Mediacenter (I doubt it, but might as well set a goal), and updating the files section. Now that I have my new router, I have to use a re-direct to link to my server. For some reason the router won't let me use port 80, so I have to use 8000, and .TK doesn't appear to let you add a port the the address of your existing site, so I have to link to a re-direct page. That explains the black screen that pops up before this page.


I've added lots of Pocket PC stuff to the files and gaming sections and repaired many of the broken links. I also added the first of hopefully many images to the images page. Also on that page is a link to our tournament stats, notice how I pwn Dark Wolf (and the bots) at Unreal Tournament. I haven't done anything with the Mediacenter yet, mostly because everything that's important is still there. The server has been getting a little warm, and I may have to add some new fans to the system. Expect to see some more down-time in the near future.


This is it. I now have a stable dedicated server. I'm still working on adding the files and missing pages back, the Mediacenter was the hardest hit, it is missing nearly all of its data. I also have a much larger storage capacity now so I'm planning on seeding torrents off it too, along with maybe hosting a game server. Check the site for added content and repaired links over the next few days.


Well, I have a server that may work, although it is older AND slower than my previous one. All updates after 10-24-05 may not be fully applied anymore, since that was the last date the site was backed up. That includes all of the stuff relating to mobile devices. Luckily I still had a copy of the Mediacenter on my other computer (I thought I didn't) so that's a lot of work saved. I know about the large number of problems that still exist, I'm doing as much as I can right now to get everything back to normal.


Added some mobile games and applications to the site, and added some in page links on the gaming and files pages so you don't have to scroll so far. The Deus Ex tournament video was released last night, I'll be adding that to the mediacenter. The members page may also be updated (I have some stuff I'd like to add) but I don't know if I'll get to that or not.


Phoenix says he is working on the Deus Ex tournament video now, this should be one of the best so far. We are also working to re-build Phoenix Server, the new site design should be online in a few days. PXN LAN was updated today and Friday. I'm thinking about adding a few new sections to the Catserver Gaming and Files sections, but if any changes are done they won't be tonight.


Have you clicked the "Media" button lately? Bit Tornado added to files section, and other than than, not much else.


Added the much needed Deus Ex: Invisible War texture pack to the gaming page and updated the members page. Like the new banner? it resizes!


Last LAN party (the 21-23) was supposed to be our "Quake 4 release party". What ended up happening was we ended up playing Deus Ex GOTY the entire time. Kin da strange, but Phoenix was busy seeding torrents the whole time, so he really couldn't play very processor intense games. There should be a video released soon of Phoenix pawning [email protected], it will most likely be in the next update. Other than that, I'll just be working on random site elements.


This was a fairly large update. I added the Stardock's Object Desktop applications to the Files page, along with Coolbits 2.0 and ATiTool, plus links to the latest graphics card drivers. I also added GCFScape to the gaming page under Half-Life 2. The weekend before last was another lan party a PhoenixNet, the video can be found at like always and also in the Catserver Mediacenter. Links page was also updated.


Small changes made to site, such as permissions error fixes and minor font changes (to ensure compatibility).


Added Deus Ex, Garry's mod v8.3b, and UGM v4.4 to the gaming page, and added the Medal of Honor Allied Assault tournament video to the mediacenter. I also fixed the permissions error on the March 24 lan gaming video.


The PhoenixNet Lan Party last weekend was undoubtedly the best one so far. We not only managed to spend a lot of time on activities, but we also completed another Pod cast, a huge and hilarious video, some gaming, and even some new tracks. Download the video from or via Catserver Mediacenter.


I came up with a new design for the Mediacenter, its now a separate site based off the unused images I created for Catserver Online 4.3 (A version I never finished). That is , for the most part, all I've managed to do today, I still have to address the other problems, I'll most likely do that tomorrow. PhoenixNET now has a 24/7 site, which is primarily designed to keep you updated in a much faster and cleaner matter, having only a small, yet impressive, banner and basic, yet fitting, buttons. Check out the site from this link or by going to


Well, the site is basically completed now. There are a few known problems, such as the plain scrappiness of the Mediacenter, the Time/date not working on most pages, and "Forbidden" massages when accessing movies. I'm working on this stuff now, expect to see the problems resolved shortly. Anyway, PhoenixNET has started a weekly Pod cast, the first edition of the "Head shot" is only being released to those who receive an invitation to the upcoming LAN party this weekend. It and the further installments to the series will be added to the Mediacenter once they are released to the public.


Yeah, I know, I said I'll be back in a few weeks. I should've said a few months, knowing how my summer was going to go. Anyway, great to be back and, as I said, with a new design. The site is nowhere near complete yet, as there are no pages besides this one that are done, but I'm working on it. Anyway, for those who have been hoping for a return, Catserver is back.

Old Updates :


Still working on Catserver 5 BETA. The new graphic at the top was made Proxy (Phoenix's new DJ name). The primary differences you may notice since the update on the 23rd are a clock, different table setups, and the addition of the new General Information, Lan Essentials, and movies pages. There is still much more to be done, Including some compatibility issues. Tell me what you think! href="mailto:[email protected]?subject=What%20do%20you%20think?">[email protected]


I developed a BETA for Catserver 5, it can be accessed here. I know I change my site more than I need to, but at least it keeps things interesting.


The next Generation console specs are out. I added them all (and the ones for current consoles) to a new href="INC_nextgen.html">sub page. The page also includes the new style I'm thinking of converting CSO to ....check it out. Once you read the specs, check out Phoenix Server and watch the preview video for Kill zone II on the PS3. It's UNBELIEVABLE!  href="mailto:[email protected]?subject=What%20do%20you%20think?">[email protected]


Once again, I don't have anything to update. I do, however, have a flash animation that I made. It really sucks, but at least its a start. Anyway, it's in the flash section if your interested.


For those of you with an XBOX and XBOX Live, there is an update to version 1.1 available for Halo 2, along with 2 free maps and 2 paid maps ($5.99) available for download. Here are the good things the patch does: Makes grenades more powerful and makes them explode faster; Adds new voices and voice lines to single player. The downside is that it eliminates sword flying off all types (as far as I've seen). This means no more flying across the level after someone :/ I can make an educated guess that you will need this patch to play online with anyone else that has it, so its benefits outweigh it's consequences. I will probably add this info to the LAN essentials Section. Other than that, this is a small minor update.


Happy Chino de Mayo! I got a domain name (took long enough) for Catserver Mobile, so now you don't have to type in the long IP address. For anyone who wants to check it out, the address is In other news, I fixed the download link to the April 10th LAN party video and I added alternate links to Phoenix server. I am planning on adding Run escape to the Games section (due to popular demand) and I found a few more errors I am going fix. The CSO/PS forum is open to anyone who wants to post, so don't forget!


Well, as you can href="" target="_blank">see, Phoenix server is as back, and completely restored. Phoenix put a section in his forums for Catserver, so you can post your questions and comments there. It also has a place for me to give you updates, even if Catserver is down. I added a Movie to the Movies page, check it out, it's funny, and I am going to change a few links in the rest of the site. Other that that, nothing else. Don't forget to E-Mail or Post!


Something tragic happened today, Phoenix's Dad re-installed Mac OS on his computer (He got 10.4) and didn't back up the files. Unfortunately, this caused to be completely deleted. It would be a great help If ,any of you that have been to Phoenix server. recently, check your cache and temp and retrieve any files/html from Phoenix server. and send it to me. Also, I updated Catserver, adding a General Information page. This includes info on Catserver and its developers, so check it out.



Me and Phoenix had a file-sharing conflict and all large downloads have been redirected back to Catserver. This is probably only temporary, but we will see. There is tons of spelling and grammar errors in Catserver, and that was what the focus of this update has been. I have gone through proofreading all of the text, and I think it is basically have it covered. If you see anymore errors, E-Mail me.


I updated the Catserver template to fix the frame and picture resizing problem you may or may not have noticed. I am trying to design a new color scheme and banner for Catserver, but so far I haven't found anything I really like. I also am going through and checking my spelling on the pages because, strangely, there is a lot of spelling errors I missed. Other than that, this isn't much of an update. I may add a few new games to the games page (Like Mother load, a flash game) if you want to check it out.


How many of you people have cell phones? Well, if you need app's, ring tones, and pictures on the go, check out the latest edition to Catserver Networks, Catserver Mobile! This site is still in the beta phases, because I am still finding content, and I have to try it on more than just one phone, but so far everything is going smooth. Check it out target="blank">HERE or just type into your cell phone's web browser (I haven't got a domain name yet) . If you have any problems, E-Mail me.


Im Back! I have made a few more big changes to the site. I made a LAN Essentials page to organize all the patches, files, and programs to help keep our LAN parties (and yours too) organized and easy to set up. I also added some links and I will shortly add some more programs to the files page. Remember to E-Mail me if you have any Ideas on what I should add or If you have any problems.


I linked the Descent 3 missons folder to dnbcenter, one of my affiliate sites, so that downloads are now much faster. I am also making small changes in multiple other spots on the site, nothing really big. Expect to see other files linked to dnbcenter in the future. For now, I will do whatever I can to improve the site.


I have been spending most of my spare time (which I don't have much of) making this site more compatible. Since it is made and hosted on a Mac, when I add certain things to my site, and forget to check what they look like on a PC, it can make Catserver look even less Professional than it already does. So, I have been standardizeing my pages to a certain template and further standardizing the code to be more cross-browser and cross-platform compatible. I have added some new links, games, music, and flash to the site, and remember, I want your input!


Welcome to Catserver 4! This is the final major revision to this website for some time. The navigation bar to the left is the way you get around my site. To prevent having to reload the page, the site is divided into frames. When you click on a link the page will appear in this frame. When you login to Catserver, the navigation bar will change, showing the links to the restricted parts of the site. On the pictures page, the pictures are sorted by event or season, an they are viewed in a cross-browser slide show. There is also a mini-movie slide show. Well, I hope you enjoy the site, and E-Mail me if you have any questions or comments!


Well, as you can see, I am changing the way my site is organized. This is the basic page design I will be using for a website I am designing for my BSA Troop. I got some feed back about my text, and how it's hard to read, so I made it bold, and A lighter color. I should have technically changed the background color, but I like the green on black style. If you have any recommendations, E-Mail me, like always at


I added the the Special Music page that I have been meaning to add, and I am about to update my regular music page. Also, I added some other small things, like  links opening  up  in new  windows instead of  in the main window. And I changed around the Flash page a little. I added more pictures to the pictures page, and fixed the password on the movies page. I am taking a web design class in school, so I am learning small things, under the surface of the site. I will keep you updated on large changes in the future.



I decided to try something new. I password-protected the pictures and movies page so that they can only be accessed by family and friends. If you think about it, that makes sense because people roaming the internet wouldn't be interested in that anyway. If you are a family member or a friend, E-Mail me for the password. Anyway, I will update the flash page, and possibly the games page today. Check 'em out!


I can't think of anything to update....I have another song, for those who are not interested, but it's on my Dad's mac and it is too large to send via E-Mail. My friend Josh and I have been chosen to help build a website for my Scout troop, unfortunately it wont be hosted on Catserver. If I am lucky I may be able to use their server though. One can only hope... Also, my internet provider increased the speed of my connection, so downloads may be considerably faster.


MANDATORY UPDATE! Apple just released what could possibly be the most awesome computer ever! 1.25ghz G4, 256mb of ram, 40gb hard drive, CD Burner, Radeon 9200, and 2" tall,  6.5" x6.5" squared, and it only cost $499! Holy Crap! Apple is finally lowering their prices, and it's awesome! (I want one!)


href=""> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 255px; height: 120px;"
alt="Picture Of Mac Mini" src="indexdimensions20050111.jpg">

The Mac Mini

Happy New Year! Well, it's the start of '05 and I decided to add a little something to the website for the new year.  I have added some flash animations linked off and I will eventually add more. I will try to find some flash files that are hard to find or practically exclusive. Check it out! [email protected]



What did you get for christmas? Halo 2 is awesome, but from what I've heard, it ends in a major cliff hanger. I hope thats not true. When you start playing a game, and you beat it , you want to have that "conflict resolved feeling" Not the "what next?" feeling. I will have to see. Don't bother looking, I'm not planning on updating any other part of this site quite yet. [email protected]


I tried to fix the rom links, but I'm not sure I really can. Now they are linked to the website, not directly to the file. I'll download the roms off my PC next time I get the chance. I also added some pictures...and a secret music file that I created that I really hate. Go exploring. [email protected]


I hate G4!!! If the TechTV take over wasn't bad enough, now they've really done it. After 2 weeks off the air, the ScreenSavers is back-or whats left of it. New hosts, no studio audience, and not only that, but what makes "The Screensavers" unique just isn't there. Now it is just another every-day show. And for the people who liked the other show, left over from TechTV, "Unscrewed", that was canceled. Here is a link to what href="">Alex Albrecht(the former new host of the Screensavers) had to say the day the "New" TSS aired.


Today, I have for you another song that I made, and a new application. Nothing really new is happening,I know that most of the rom and emulator links are dead, I will eventually fix them. Trust me. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


Halo 2 was released last week, too bad it isn't out for the PC yet (I don't have an Xbox). Anyway, I decided to post some Halo-Related stuff on my website, mainly for my friend Josh . In the games section,  you will find the free, but hard  to find, Halo: Custom Edition, some CD keys, and a NO-CD crack.  It's hard to find all of this stuff, so I hope you enjoy me putting it in an easy to find place.


What do you see when you go to this website? Today, I noticed for, somehow, the first time that when my website is viewed on a P.C., the font looks like a normal, rounded font. However, when I create the webpages on my Mac, I have it set to a computer High-Tech font. It is too bad it doesn't normally look like that.... I have posted a revised version of "The Second" in the music section, and to all who plan to download 'Vacation 2" in the Movies section, I lied. The movie has to be played with Quicktime or Real Player, both available for the PC of course. No Windows Media Player. Sorry!(Don't worry, most computers will have one of the two on it anyway)


So, what do I have today? Well, if you didn't notice already, I added all of my music and(finally) The new disk from DJ Phoenix on the music page, and I will add my MPEG4 compressed 1 hour and 9 minute long Vacation movie, which is only 189mb, where as my first movie, 5 minutes long, is 320 megs. Strange. Anyway, if you want a CD with all of the music on it, just E-Mail me, which no one ever does. I hope you all had a happy Halloween! [email protected]


I finally got iLife '04 and in two days, have created two songs with Garageband(using only the pre-recorded clips)Unfortunately, they are much too large(MB wise. the largest is 62mb) to put on Catserver right now, so after I shrink them up a bit, expect to see them in the music section. I have almost given up on my FarCry level because my fast pc is getting a little(or a lot) overloaded by the Editor program.


Today, I will be adding more pictures. Most of them(If not all of them) will be from my San Francisco trip, so if you've never been there, you might want to see what it(and the way to and from there) is like. E-Mail me. Please. Someone. Anyone!


I keep forgetting to add the new music from the CD that DJ Phoenix gave me. Its in the backseat of my mom's car....And I have some more music on my P.C. I would like to put on here also. But what I really need is suggestions on what music you would like to see here. The way you can tell me is by E-Mail, and so far, I haven't got a single E-Mail regarding Catserver. How about this: If anyone has an Idea, E-Mail me at my personal address: [email protected] Please! you must!Oh, and one more thing, my website is best viewed on Mozilla browsers, such as firefox! download it below or in the Files section of this site!


Yet again, nothing new....I have been trying for the last hour to get as much of my website as I cant on to my free 25mb on the comcast server. But, alas, the system is flawed: you can only upload one file at a time. Dell computers is giving up to 5000 dollars of products with special promotional codes on the magazines. So if you spend $5500, you get $5000 off. Works for me! More info at


Wow! It's already October fourth! I don't really have much to say today. Not much has happened since the last update...I am building a level for Far Cry that I hope to get finished fairly soon. It will, of course, be available for download in the games section. I need money for Catserver. I want it to be on 24-7(like you do) so contact me for information on how to donate!E-Mail me at [email protected]!(Oh yeah, dont forget to download The awesome web browser MozillaFirefox from G4Techtv's The Screensavers, so they can stay on top!)

Get Firefox!


I have done a few upgrades to my computer, like adding more memory and a better video card. You could notice a difference in the speed of this site, but is is highly doubtful.Anyway, I thing I will add some links to game demos on my site(like Far Cry or Doom3)Speaking of Far Cry,
buy it. It is the most awesome game ever!Great graphics and intense game play make the twisting story line very addicting and unpredictable.


Is anything different?.....nah! Anyway, as you can see I completely re-did my homepage, and am planning to do the same to the whole (yes, the whole) site. I am also removing the school end pictures from 8th grade, but I will put them back on request.

Welcome to C.S. Online v2.5! I know, I
cheated. There was only supposed to be one more major update to this
site, but that didn't happen. Thus, C.S. Online v2.5! This project
is now very near completion. I am making great progress on this
website and after some more studying I have added some new effects,
like the tables, music, picture-links, and scroller, and I think it
is looking more professional everyday. I am proud to announce that
this is the semi-completed version of this site that I have been
talking about. Just a few things stand in my way: remote uploading,
remote administration,  and
the server. I am hoping to get a linux-based server some time, but
for now, what works stays.I am pretty happy about the small server
upgrade I got(a Powermac G4 running OSX)As of May 5th of 2004.Just
encase you didnt know, CatServer will be a
tool I use for personal file-sharing and distribution. This won't be a
very main-stream website, because I am doing this on my own
personal computer (I don't want to have a full-time website slowing it
down)There is be plenty for the visitors to Catserver, includeing
games, music ,and pictures.Untill I update again, I hope you enjoy C.S.

Updates Summer 2004:


Long time
no update! Well, it was worth it. I have tons of new pictures to upload
and a movie! Finealy!  Just incase you didn't know, I have been at
camp the last week(this year it was Meriwether) and I obviously had no
way to update. Expect to see more movies soon(I say again) and enjoy(to
what level is possible)the one I have now.Oh, yeah. Dont forget to
e-mail me!!!


Halo is a cool game. It also has really good graphics. But there is one problem.
It is too short. It took me less than a day to beat...Oh well. There is
really nothing new going on on Catserver. CSO3 was on for a few days so
I hope you got the chance to check it out....My P.C. keeps overheating
because it gets, like , 100 degrees in my room, and there is nothing to
do outside. Hey! anyone want to donate to Catserver!? Click "contact
info" for my E-Mail address so I can send you more info.


Ya'know, I cant
believe  it took me this long to notice, but I have been doing
this all wrong....I am putting the new updates UNDER the old ones.
That, being idiotic, I am going to change. Now the new updates will be
on top of the old ones! What a concept! I am going to see If there is
anything I can update but first, before I forget, Catserver3 if
finished!!!  I am offering hosting solutions for anyone who is
interested(have your own website for cheap!)but the link to the
informational details involving that is down.Anyway I will try to keep
that server online as much as possible, but it is at my dads house so
it's not like I can turn it on and update it whenever I feel like it.
Check it out(if it is on) at

Updates Early 2004


Just encase you didn't know, I added some pictures to the pictures
section of this website.They haven't been sorted yet, and a weird
glitch allows you to look at all of the files on my computer. I assume
this makes me vulnerable to hackers, but until I have a real web
address, I don t have to worry about that, I just have to worry about
you. If you find anything strange on my computer, notify my, but
please PLEASE don t get someone to hack me for fun or something:(


Dude! Check this out!
This isn't only a subliminal message, but there are conspiracy theories
based around this
. I dont know if Led Zepplen knew they
were including satanic messages in their song's, but this is sure


Notice that the car body
is bent in half. That is what happens when you use too many rubber
on a poorly designed paper car that was
wound up too much. This is on the carpet in my living room of course.
Click too see (very) large version. Also note:Oregon's TESA (Technology
enhanced student assessment system) is extremely buggy (yes, worse than
Descent3) and from what I've seen they have some bad Javascripters!


Tetris! Tetris is such a cool game, but is
causing my computer to
lag a bit because I keep messing around with it.Geez that music gets
irritating after a while! You will find this game and many more on my
NEW games page!(Note: to stop the music click
options; configure music; and drag that volume down!


I am still
for it...OS X. Now
that I finally have a computer to load it on I can hardly wait. Then I
could download cool games like Nanosaur 2 and America's Army (for
testing).There is also that cool thing at the bottom of the
screen...they have something like that for P.C. but it doesn't work
well(in fact, It caused some pretty nasty problems,)But is was cool
the less.(you can href="">download
it here if you want, you should try it at least once)it is only for
PC, not that most mac people would care, it is just a attempted remake
of the thing in OS X.


Thats it! No more Tetris
on my homepage! I
Recommend you try this game, It is pretty hard, but once you get used
It,, its fun. There is another version of this but I cant find the
download for it. This is a small update and nothing has been done to
rest of the site worth mentioning. Sorry!


I finally got 
OS X! It is really cool (although I can tell I need more memory for my
mac, 256mb isnt enough when you have a 450mhz processor) It took me
forever to figure out how to use the Apache web server, Because there
was no way to easily get rid of the default Apache homepage, I am
having to temporarily use my slow hard drive (after transferring my
website and installing OS X, I have one gig left) Welcome to a
revolution for Catserver!


Well, I have
of news today, including someting that kinda bugs me. Today is the last
day (or yesterday was, I'm not sure) for TechTV. If you didn't already
know, Comcast bought TechTV a few months ago and decided to merge it
with G4, their gaming station. In my opinion, that was a disaster.Shows
that people really enjoyed watching and were informational were
Call For Help and Tech Live) to be replaced by show on games,which
TechTv already had. In other news, wedsday was the season finale for
Enterprise.....dude the way it ended left you hanging like never
before. I would explain it but it would be too much typing.  Yet
another thing that happened science I last updated was this: I ask my
dad if I can borrow His Voodoo 5 for mac. After him bringing it over I
promptly put it in my computer just to realize....It is not supported
OSX.640x480, about 4 colors was as far as I got just about. REALLY
SUCKY! It looks like I am going to have to get a new graphics card
after all....


This is one of
many Voodoo promo presentations I found when I was looking for drivers.
Although it seems like I remember now, but 3dfx also used commercials
to sell their products, which doesn't seem like it would be hard
considering that they were so powerful.(3dfx set the standard for 3d
graphics in 1996 with the release of its Voodoo1 which had 4 megs of
memory and a 90mhz processor) more presentations and commercials and
drivers can be found at

href="">this link

    In other news, Catserver3 is being constructed now,
but I am having some major problems. First getting it to load the
webpages correctly and now to even be available on line. I can't even
link to it if it was working! So for now(and a great deal of time after
CSO3 is operational) I will continue doing updates to my site. Speaking
of updates, I am going through and repairing all broken links
today(YAY!) because I noticed that, although they work when I check
them here, they wont work from other computers. Luckly, I know why.


The last days
of school are upon us! Tomarrow is my last day, although it doesn't
seem like school should be ending yet....seems too soon. Anyway, I am
taking my camera to school today and I am going to try to get pictures
of most of the people in my classes, because, like always, I didn't buy
a year book. I am not sure what updates I will be doing to my website
today......oh well. Look for changes!


Well, school is
finally over. For some reason, I have mixed feelings about this....what
the heck am I going to do all summer!?!? Anyway, If you are any of the
people I gave my web address to, Welcome to Catserver! I shouldn't get
my hopes up, but If any of you ended up actually visiting my website,
please e-mail me to tell me so.([email protected])In a few
minutes, I will be adding all of my new pictures to the pictures
section of this site, found here.
See ya and have a great summer!


Sometimes I
wonder......just why does Catserver exist? It has no
theme...It was supposed to be a "family and friends" website but, my
family doesnt go here(why would they) and I don't have many friends. If
it wasn't for the fact that this website costs absolutely no money, It
wouldn't have ever been here in the first place! Anyway, no one, I have
(am adding) links to some N64 emulators and roms in the game section,
and we just got a Mini DV camcorder, so expect to see movies too! One
thing that is kinda stupid (Victors own "stupidness of the week
report") Why would someone make a website like href="">this? CLICK HERE


Today is a good
day. I have a few reasons to thank Josh and his friend Jeremy #1. I
finally got the mix cd that Jeremy made, thanks to Josh who was nice
enough to loan it to me. #2 As I was examining Jeremys cd case I
noticed a web address:
I typed it in, but was redirected to another website. (I believe it was )on this website, you could sign up for free domain names :)
Thus, the way you can now access my website is href="">
!!!!!!!!! You should also be able to google search it! While your here,
check out Jeremys mix too.

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