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2017-02-11 by vertigo

Hey everyone,
I recently launched a web-based interface that'll let you access and manage your Nebula Core file shares, powered by Nextcloud. You can access it at Consider this feature as ALPHA at this point, as it's undergone very little testing. I've created accounts manually for Nebula Core's top contributors, but if you're unable to login you can contact me and I'll set you up an account. Here are some things to keep in mind:

- Files uploaded via FTP or via local file sharing services need to be placed in /files to be visible by Nextcloud. This allows some flexibility as to what you want in your cloud share. Anything uploaded via the web is accessible immediately, but files uploaded traditionally are scanned in every day around 3 AM. I recommend using for everything other than bulk file transfers from this point forward.

- You're free to publicly share files hosted on Nebula Core via Nextcloud's shareable link functionality. Keep in mind, however, that my bandwidth and server resources are limited.

- Please report any problems you encounter, especially in regard to security and data safety, as soon as you encounter them. This is really helpful!

Unrelatedly, I recently upgraded to Windows Server 2016 Datacenter (from 2012). The migration process was much more cumbersome than I anticipated, and as a result some things are still not working. Principally, hosted VMs are not functioning and may continue to be down for quite some time. This is due to limited Solid-state storage in Nebula Core, which is virtually required to run VMs with any modicum of speed (on my system, at least). As such, I'm planning on holding off on that until I get an SSD array set up. Also, HTTPS is currently unavailable due to an EXTREMELY ANNOYING and nigh-impossible to trace Windows process that's tying up port 443. Hopefully I can get that sorted reasonably soon. Also, uhh, Minecraft is up again (no mods at the moment). I was feeling nostalgic. Have a good day!
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