More hardware upgrades, service enhancements, and PDXLAN!

2017-04-07 by vertigo

So it's been about eight months(ish) since I completed the latest build of Nebula Core Alpha, the server I host NC and almost all the related services on. Since then, I've nearly doubled the amount of resources required by day-to-day operations by setting up addition software, VMs, and all sorts of other fun stuff that I may or may not actually use. As such, I decided to throw some additional hardware at the situation. I've replaced my $20 Xeon L5630 Quad-core processors with the nearly-as-cheap Xeon L5640 Six-core processors, and doubled the system ram to 32gb. I've also added a second SSD to allow for more space for VMs, which should help out performance in some applications considerably. So hopefully this will take care of things for awhile, and allow me to try out some new things.

And speaking of new things, I've finally configured the VPN to work as it should have all along, so registered users can now connect and share network resources or connect to user VMs directly and securely. I've also updated Nextcloud and taken some steps to improve performance, though it's still a bit slower than I'd like (apparently a limitation of the software itself and not a resource issue). Minecraft is now up and running again as well, with AMP resource manager to automate plugin updates, and Dynmap is available at

Lastly, I'll be attending PDXLAN's VectorLAN event this weekend, so maybe you'll see me there!
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