2019-10-29: Someday I'll finish this project... but not today!

If you visit this site regularly (hi there, one person!), you'll have doubtlessly noticed it's been down quite a lot during the last few months. The reality of the situation is that NebulaCore's web services, used by primarily myself and just a couple other people, have taken a bit of a back-burner position to my desire to entirely change the way everything is set up from a software perspective. Around this time last year, I decided to commit to moving away from Windows Server as my primary host OS, mostly due to HyperV performance and stability issues, as well as complications using software like Docker under Windows.

I also wanted to try out something a little bit stupid, which is a very typically "me" thing to do, and try moving my main workstation into NebulaCore's hardware as a VM itself. This would allow me to save a bit on my power bill, since I'd typically only have the one machine running rather than two, and I'd be able to leverage the largely underutilized Threadripper CPU in the server for my other hobbies (photo editing, gaming, keeping too many Chrome tabs open, etc) rather than using a laptop-with-egpu or weaker desktop system as I had been.

So, why has it taken so long, then? Well, complications. Many of them. Everything ranging from strange system instability to permissions and file issues plagued the process, and after weeks of fighting with it I ended up getting a bit burnt out. Fortunately, it's nearly done now. All the data is safe, NebulaCore and well as NebulaOort (a new low-power server for handing routing/switching as well as edge network related tasks) are running great, I've finally restored NebulaAccretion to operational status (now with 15tb of storage), and my Windows VM inside NebulaCore works even better than I could have hoped, thanks to Unraid. Long story short, I'm getting there. As all projects that I work on go, however, it's on an infinite time scale. It'll be done... when it's done. Thankfully, the services that are running are seeing a massive performance uplift due to the new software stack. Check out Nextcloud, for example. I'd consider the performance to be nearly night-and-day by comparison to the previous installation.

Short story long, this has been yet another exciting chapter in NebulaCore's (read: Catserver's) decade-and-a-half of history, but fear not. This site's going nowhere. She's as alive and half broken as ever!
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