2020-06-08: I finally did it! Login with Active Directory!

Every time I post on here I feel like I have to apologize to the ether for the months that have gone by. Despite being stuck inside for the most of the year, I haven't found the time (or, more accurately, motivation) to tackle any of the numerous upgrades this site's in desperate need of. Instead, I've mostly been playing around with my growing collection of Ubiquiti mFI sensors, exploring replication and high-availability VMs with Proxmox, and staying up until 3am growing stupid-sore playing Beat Saber.

Writing? Nah.

Coding? Nah.

Art? Nah.

Fixing the gaping security holes on this site...? Well, sorta. I've finally written the plugin for Nebula CMS that will allow authentication against my Active Directory domain controller. Honestly, I'm pretty stoked about it. My native authorization was weak at best, and having separate credentials for nebulacore.net and the various other AD-connected services (FTP, NextCloud, etc) was a pain. So, how does it work? Well if you have login details that work for any of those other services, they'll now work for this site as well. The plan is to make everything more apps-forward, so you'll be taken to a landing page with quick access to the various services upon logging in rather than being dumped back on the blog. That's coming later, of course. For now, you can try logging in. It should create a *new* nebulacore.net account from your AD credentials, which you can now easily modify, reset, or unlock by visiting login.nebulacore.net.

Oh, I'm trying out an app called Yourls for ilynx.us. So far it's getting spammed like crazy, so I might make it members only. Feel free to check it out, though!
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