2012-08-06: Announcements of future stuff. No Dates or promises!

So like always, as almost an annual occurrence, I'm *officially* announcing some major things in store for the future of Catserver and the Catserver Networks "family". I just can't seem to leave well enough alone, can I?

First off, a point release to Catserver.net is on the horizon. No major design change this time around, just some tidying up. Unfortunately there's a massive amount of work that needs to be done before its back end is even close to being ready, which brings me to my next announcement...

Nebula CMS, Catserver's first official product. Designed from the ground up to support Catserver and similar sites, Nebula CMS will eventually offer Wordpress-like features and functionality all while being quick, compact, and highly adaptable. I hope.

Nebula Foundry, my forgotten portfolio site. I know it's been sitting derelict for over a year now, but I intend to change that...someday. Once Nebula CMS is at a workable state of completion, It will become NF's backbone, and I'll begin work on a new design. I've collected lots of exiting new content over the past year, and it's time I get some place to put it all.

Well, that's about it for now. Pax Prime 2012 is rapidly approaching and, like last year, I'll be in attendance and with camera. Stay tuned for photos and day-to-day summaries. Have a good night, internet!

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