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Welcome to Nebula Core!

Nebula Core is a privately owned an operated "cloud services" provider built and maintained by Victor Rossi, a hobbyist designer, photographer, and tech enthusiast. Nebula Core is the central component in a growing network of machines and services, and aims to reduce Nebula users' reliance on major cloud platform providers like Google or Amazon.

If you've got a Nebula account (formerly Catserver account), log in with your credentials in the upper right. Having an account allows you to access the full array of features and services offered by Nebula Core, and allows you to provide some feedback, if you see fit. It's pretty neato.

If you need an account, send me an email and I'll set you up. Due to limited resources, accounts are only provided to friends and family at this time.

2016-01-29: Let's talk about used hardware! (OR building a top-tier PC on a meager budget)

Anyone who knows me personally is sure to be familiar with my passion for searching Craigslist and eBay for good tech deals. It's a bit of an obsession. The very same people will also be the first to point out that I'm one of the worst when it comes to computer issues. Crashes, freezes, and other random hiccups are fairly common for me on nearly every system I've owned. So what's the deal, is used hardware just crap? Are you better off spending a few extra bucks to build your next gaming rig with factory fresh parts? Absolutely not, and here's why.

When you've fallen as deep down the well as I have, passing casual PC user, power user, and hobbyist and landing straight on the obsessive "enthusiast" level, you've reached a point where using the hardware to play games or what have you is no longer your primary source of motivation. Personally, the entertainment value isn't what the PC is capable of from a usability standpoint anymore - it's what I can d
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2015-08-16: Another Catserver hiatus, Nebula Foundry updated

I decided to take a break from working on Catserver/Nebula Core for awhile to try and get Nebula Foundry looking ship-shape. I'm planning to move some of the stuff I'm working on there, like pinch-to-zoom images and content that loads on scroll, over here, so I've got some updates planned for the near future. I've also open-sourced Nebula CMS, which can be found here on github.

If you frequent Nebula Core for gaming, you've probably noticed the Minecraft server has been down lately. This is intentional - everyone I trust to moderate it has been busy as of late, and I'm a bit wary of potential vandalism (again). So until I've got someone who can reliably check in on it a few times each day, I plan to keep it offline. Sorry, everyone!
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Rakosman - Gresham, OR

I totally frequently check Nebula Core. That's why I have promptly posted this comment.

Postd at 2:25am on Friday, December 25th, 2015

2015-03-05: Test Blog Update

I want to see how the new featured image thing works in a real world scenario, where I choose an image to represent the text and it gets cut off partially by the format of the box. It may be okay for most things, but it might suck for others. We'll see. (Edit: SEEMS TO BE BETTER THAN EXPECTED!)
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2015-02-13: So it's been three years...and I've done nothing?

Yes. That is absolutely true. After my ambition waned, Nebula CMS (the system meant to be the core of the next major Catserver iteration) remained unfinished after months of work. Unwilling to simply build another functionally incomplete site, my work on Catserver (And Nebula Foundry, Phoenix Server, Veriblog...) ceased with it. That, in addition to a further focus towards my obsession with just "playing with hardware", lead to the vast majority of my web projects getting abandoned. If history is any indication, however, that wasn't to be a permanent affair and, as you can clearly see, here I am once more.

So, the question is, am I actually going to do anything this time? Well, probably not much. Here's my plan:

First, I need to build something that doesn't look so half-assed and dated. This will be Nebula Core, a very basic site serving as a services portal to my new, ultra low power home server (carrying on Catserver's tr
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vertigo - Portland, Oregon


Postd at 11:54am on Friday, March 6th, 2015

vertigo - Portland, Oregon

another comment

Postd at 5:27pm on Saturday, March 7th, 2015

2012-11-15: Battles with hardware migration, instability, and laziness

So I finally got around to upgrading my RAID-5 array to a dedicated controller - the Dell Perc 5/i, to be exact. As may be expected this in itself was a long and not entirely simple process, but on top of this the last month has been a disaster of server software and hardware issues, all of which have prevented me from restoring the Nebula Server to full functionality sooner. Fortunately I think I'm nearly there. If you've been waiting patiently for the restoration of key services (Minecraft, personal accounts, and so on...) you need only wait a tad bit longer. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone, I haven't forgot about you!
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