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Nebula Core is a privately owned an operated "cloud services" provider built and maintained by Victor Rossi, a hobbyist designer, photographer, and tech enthusiast. Nebula Core is the central component in a growing network of machines and services, and aims to reduce Nebula users' reliance on major cloud platform providers like Google or Amazon.

If you've got a Nebula account (formerly Catserver account), log in with your credentials in the upper right. Having an account allows you to access the full array of features and services offered by Nebula Core, and allows you to provide some feedback, if you see fit. It's pretty neato.

If you need an account, send me an email and I'll set you up. Due to limited resources, accounts are only provided to friends and family at this time.

2018-12-01: System Stability over the last 24 hours.

I have identified an issue with system stability when writing large files locally or over the network. Occasionally the system will hang or crash entirely when this occurs. Currently, torrent downloads are disabled until I can root out the cause.

In the coming weeks I will be performing another hardware refresh of the server in preparation for a move to replace some critical Hyper-V instances with VMs utilizing IOMMU. This will help prevent systemwide crashes in the future. A tweet on the official @nebulafoundry Twitter account will go out prior to this downtime. Expect services to be offline for 24-48 hours.
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2018-09-22: Fixing the Razer Blade Pro (2016, may apply to 2017 as well).

If you're going to drop $4000 (or more) on a gaming machine, it's safe to make a few assumptions about about your expectations. First, you might expect your new machine to look the part. The Blade Pro (and the entire Blade line, really) looks like a device that's worth it's price tag. From the black anodized, all aluminum construction to the glass-clad touchscreen with 100% coverage of the AdobeRGB color space, there's little that can match the massive 17.3" Pro in build quality. And this is before taking into account it's other unique physical attributes, such as the thin mechanical RGB backlit keyboard, massive touchpad, and almost ridiculous 99wh battery. Physically, the Razer Blade Pro certainly doesn't disappoint.

What about the performance, though? Well, both the 2016 and 2017 models equipped with Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080 (not the TDP-down Max-Q edition, mind you) perform similarly, with the largest distinction being their sixth and seventh ge
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2018-01-13: CES 2018

So 2018 marks the first year I was able to make it to CES. It's been a dream of mine to attend the largest (or one of the largest) electronics shows in the world for well over a decade, and I'm absolutely thrilled I was given the opportunity. One thing that was on my mind was how it compared to other events I'm a little more familiar with, like PAX West and CEDIA. Immediately apparent was the size - CES is absolutely impractically gigantic. Hundreds of thousands of people crammed into 2.75 million square feet of exhibition space, with almost 4,000 exhibitors and every type of tech (and every type of "what the heck?") you can imagine. It's overwhelming to be sure, not to mention confusing. It took the entire first day for me to become acquainted with the general locations of the 6+ show flow areas, and half of the next day to figure out there was way more that I had yet to discover.nnAs for the tech, I was extremely impressed by both the Sony and LG booths, where ... [Read more]
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2017-11-22: So like, what the heck happened?

During an attempt to make Windows search not be so horrible by reindexing all the drives on Nebula Core, something happened all I know at this point) that caused a large amount of corruption on the SSD storing several virtual machines. Unfortunately, they may not be recoverable. There shouldn't be any permanent data loss, but the configuration for NextCloud, mFi, UniFi, Active Directory, as well as several smaller services was completely erased... unless I get really lucky. I'm attempting recovery now, but things may be down for quite awhile given the busier-than-average time of the year and the large amount of time that'll need to be invested to reconfigure everything. Ugh. Definitely not cool.
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2017-10-14: New Twitter Account, Offline Failover

Just a quick update. I finally got around to creating a new, more appropriately named Twitter account which should help notify you of service outages and new blog updates. Follow us @nebulafoundry! Also, I've set up a failover system via Cloudflare and AWS that should kick in if the server goes down. Mostly, it's just there to let you know that the server is, in fact, down and it's not just you. If that was ever in question.
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